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Testimonial English4

I have successfully completed my courses in this wonderful language school. I participated in small group instruction. They uniquely offered cultural workshops to bring us in closer contact with the cultures of Spanish-speaking countries… Very interesting! And there are regular opportunities to meet up at different restaurants, in a relaxed atmosphere, to practice using the language in a practical way.

Kirstin Lohnau

KL Fitness

Testimonial English3

The instruction at Escuela Panamá is super. Mrs. Broszio designs very interesting and lively lessons. We have a lot of fun and learning happens naturally. I can highly recommend this school.

Katja Vahle


Testimonials English

At Escuela Panamá you learn more than just a language. They offer real world opportunities to learn and use Spanish at cultural events that include eating and dancing. They make learning fun!

Sophia Heslop

Business Owner, Marley’s New York