Our goals and courses

We want to help you to communicate and express yourself in the shortest possible time, so that you quickly become familiar with the language in everyday life, at work or on holiday. For this reason, most of the lessons are held in the language you want to learn

Our Teacher

The best teachers in town will help you achieve your language goals. Our teaching staff use the best techniques and latest technologies to work successfully online and offline.

Admission Process

It's very easy, just call us or write us an email telling us which course you are interested in. If you have previous knowledge of the language, we will do a placement test and after checking the results you can join the corresponding course. We will then send you a registration form.

Welcome to Escuela Panamá

One of my customers went on a business trip to Mexico and was invited to dinner at the home of the company manager. He arrived punctually and brought flowers for the manager’s wife. In Germany, this would have been the correct thing for him to do.

In Mexico, however, it’s considered impolite to arrive on time. A certain degree of “tardiness” should be planned in. And flowers are not brought as a thank you. Instead, flowers are given on Mother’s Day, in the event of a death or when one is madly in love.

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Our Teachers

Our Courses

Language exam preparation courses
Language exam preparation courses
Diploma of Spanish as
a Foreign Language DELE

DaF Test
Instructions for three (mini-group)
Instructions for three (mini-group)

It is suitable for participants who enjoy learning in small groups. You will enjoy the advantage of learning the language interactively with the help of the input of the other two class participants in the dialogue.

Private Lessons
Private Lessons

This offer is for all those who want to improve their language skills. The language teacher focuses exclusively on your needs so that you can use the language effectively and quickly.

Our Testimonials

Testimonial English4

I have successfully completed my courses in this wonderful language school. I participated in small group instruction. They uniquely offered cultural workshops to bring us in closer contact with the cultures of Spanish-speaking countries… Very interesting! And there are regular opportunities to meet up at different restaurants, in a relaxed atmosphere, to practice using the language in a practical way.

Kirstin Lohnau

KL Fitness

Testimonial English3

The instruction at Escuela Panamá is super. Mrs. Broszio designs very interesting and lively lessons. We have a lot of fun and learning happens naturally. I can highly recommend this school.

Katja Vahle


Testimonials English

At Escuela Panamá you learn more than just a language. They offer real world opportunities to learn and use Spanish at cultural events that include eating and dancing. They make learning fun!

Sophia Heslop

Business Owner, Marley’s New York